by Orange Bomb

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Debut album from Orange Bomb

We grew up in deepest darkest and most untrendy West Sussex and Surrey in the 1970's and 1980's.

There were hardly any local bands and the only famous person in the charts from our part of the world was Joe Jackson from Gosport... and that's Hampshire!

Ok the Vapours were from Guildford the Jam, Woking, and Sham 69 , Hersham. But that was almost London !

So.. 30 years + later it's great to hear a band come along steeped in the culture of south coast music, tribes and aesthetic. A little bit mod, a little bit rock and songs that just smell like south coast seaside spots and provincial south downs towns.

And if you listen to these songs you'll hear what Weller, Pursey et al were talking about too.

2015 Orange Bomb
2018 Metal Postcard Records

All Songs Written & Performed By

Rob Allbeury
Matt Harriman


released April 5, 2014


all rights reserved



Orange Bomb England, UK

Orange Bomb are a 4 piece heavy pop band from the South East of England.

Metal Postcard Records.

Martin Holmes - Vocals

Rob Allbeury - Guitars/Vocals

Andy Marling - Bass

Matt Harriman - Drums.
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Track Name: History Lesson
Shall we go out for a walk?
Then we can talk about it
About all pressing matters
And torture ourselves some more

It'll only take a few minutes
To go round again
Head banging on brick walls
But we'll get the job done

One day we'll be o.k

Let's pretend it ain't happening
And cover it all up
At this moment I hate you!
Would you like another cup?

One day we'll be o.k
Track Name: Funfair
It's you and me and our lives
There's a positive smell in the air
Spinning round on a ferris wheel
With candy floss getting stuck in your hair

Hey! Do you remember me?
Let me introduce myself on your behalf
Drive me down the club at night
Drink lager shandy and have a laugh

Cos I think that you stink
But in the nicest possible way
Camping out overnight
Jumping out of doorways

I'm sorry to disappoint you
But I will be flying away
You can write a thousand letters
One million words with nothing to say

All that travelling would've been awkward
Whilst studying I'd never have the time
You could come and see me
Another letter, another rhyme

Cos I think that you stink
But in the nicest possible way
Camping out overnight
Jumping out of doorways

A kiss on the lips in 99p
A smack in the mouth is absolutely free!

Your cats escaped from it's bag
You shouldn't have told me that
If I'd known I'd have never of touched you
Let alone done any of that

Am I gonna get hunted?
Are they coming after me?
Close friends and relations
To kick the shit out of me!

Cos I think that you stink
But in the nicest possible way
Track Name: Sunnyside
Meet me at the twitten
It's just off Fleming Way
Kevins dads a wanker
There nothing left to say

No one lives there anyone
The lampposts have all gone
Kevins dads a wanker
I've been away so long

The Sunnyside council estate
Built in 1968

Satalittes pick up Turkey
The pigs all watch the porn
Kevins dads a wanker
My jacket has been torn!

He pushed me in the nettles
I got him back today
Kevins dads a wanker
It was me that did it Ray!

I walk the pipes unaided
Theres perversion in the woods
Kevins dads a wanker
I hide my home cut under my hood

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